Professor Pat Browne at 1995 AJJF Convention Banquet

The AJJF Board of Professors has heard from many of our membership concerning their feeling of loss with the death of <---PROFESSOR PAT BROWNE. He indeed was a great inspiration, great leader, and wonderful Shihan to many, including the Board of Professors.

Many Sensei, Dans, and Kyus have expressed a desire to donate to a special project in his behalf. The Board of Professors have discussed his deep regard for JuJitsu and Education, as well as his heartfelt yearning to do all he could in the field of both Eastern and Western Medicine. He indeed gave his life to that cause.

As many of you know, Prof Browne initially founded the Midwest Massage program in 1984, and served on the AJJF OKAZAKI RESTORATIVE MASSAGE PROGRAM'S Standards Committee in recent years. How many times did he give to us by teaching jujitsu, acupuncture, massage, & & & & & & & ...without ever asking for remuneration?

Now, anyone who would like to make a donation in his name to a cause that was especially dear to his heart can do so by mailing a check or money order to the AJJF designating it in memory of Prof Pat Browne to be deposited in the AJJF OKAZAKI RESTORATIVE MASSAGE SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Now is the time to thank him by helping someone else learn OKAZAKI RESTORATIVE MASSAGE. Please send your thanks in the care of:

Prof John Congistre, AJJF Treasurer
459 Greenwood Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054

The AJJF is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and your donation is tax-deductible

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