1996-1997 Certification Program in
Okazaki Restorative Massage

Woodland, California

This 150 hour class is a comprehensive introductory program that will prepare one to practice massage as a Massage Technician. This course includes:
Upon successful completion of the certification program, the graduate will be qualified to:
  1. Perform therapeutic massage on family / friends.
  2. Be self-employed as a Certified Massage Technician, pursuant to local regulations in the city in which the graduate intends to practice.
  3. Work for another professional in which the skills of therapeutic massage are applied.

1996-1997 SCHEDULE of Seven Weekend Intensives:

Class Dates
Days Dates
Sat-Sun September 28-29, 1996
Fri-Sat-Sun October 25-27, 1996
Fri-Sat-Sun November 22-24, 1996
Fri-Sat-Sun December 13-15, 1996
Fri-Sat-Sun January 17-19, 1997
Fri-Sat-Sun February 14-16, 1997
Fri-Sat-Sun March 14-16, 1997

Class Hours
Classes on From To
Fridays 6:00 PM 10:00 PM
Saturdays 9:00 AM 10:00 PM
Sundays 8:00 AM 5:00 PM


Cynthia Frueh AJJF Sandan AJJF Massage Instructor
Makoto Kai School Head
Leeds Davis AJJF Nidan Makoto Kai Massage Instructor
JoAnn Strang AJJF Nidan Licensed Acupuncturist
Makoto Kai Massage Instructor
Jay Callender AJJF Nidan Assistant Instructor


AJJF Professor Jane Carr AJJF Massage Instructor
AJJF Professor Tom Ball AJJF Massage Instructor
AJJF Professor Don Cross AJJF Massage Instructor


Martial Arts Healing Arts
Woodland, California

The State of California, Dept. of Education, has granted provisional approval to Makoto Kai Healing Arts, as a Massage School, effective August 1996. (Final approval is expected to be granted after the state visits the school, soon.)


Makoto Kai
443 First Street
Woodland, California 95695
Tel: (916) 662-5662
e-mail: Attn: Cynthia at skydance@ix.netcom.com.

This 150-hour course is authorized by the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation, and complies with the requirements and standards set by the AJJF Massage Standards Committee.

AJJF Okazaki Seifukujitsu Massage Certification Program

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